Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Chiasmus in The Society of the Spectacle: Aphorism 12

"The spectacle presents itself as a vast inaccessible reality that can never be questioned. Its sole message is: 'What appears is good; what is good appears.'"

Debord is reflecting and building upon an idea similar to Barthes' myth, where the spectacle de-politicizes the world and makes us mistake history for nature. By saying that "what appears is good", the spectacle makes us not question the validity and efficacy of the spectacle itself. Then, by asserting that "what is good appears", the spectacle removes any other possibilities for life outside of the status quo. 

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King said...

I wanted to include the remainder of the Aphorism as I believe it makes the impact of the first part that much more meaningful:

"The passive acceptance it demands is already effectively imposed by its monopoly of appearances, its manner of appearing without allowing any reply."

We don’t do the things we do because we have a choice, we do them because we are already subjugated and all of our choices are already pre-determined.