Monday, August 18, 2014

Extra Credit: Debord’s The Society of the Spectacle

Chapter 2.36: 

The fetishism of the commodity – the domination of society by “imperceptible as well as perceptible things” attains its ultimate fulfillment in the spectacle, where the perceptible world is replaced by a selection of images which is projected above it, yet which at the same time succeeds in making itself regarded as the perceptible par excellence.  

The statement “imperceptible as well as perceptible things” paints on a canvas of what seems to be reality in the fetishism of commodities. The ultimate fulfillment in the spectacle can only be attained by vision and it forges the perceptible things and imperceptible things to in synchronized value when in fact, perceptible things are devalued for its distribution of labor and valued for superficiality and marginalizes the people who earn more wages from the people who earn much less.

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